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It runs extremely smooth on Tabor at 2560x1440 32bit, but no audio whatsoever, any hint? Thanks!

Hi recently came into AROS world and want to try your game. After bought I try it on AROS One 2.4 x86 the menu works fine in window mode (in fullscreen is a bit messed up) but the game freeze after the selection of player.

Recently the AROS developer changed on using a new libc version so probably this is the cause. Also i know that your game is some year old now and only tested on Icaros...but could you update your build, if possible? Thanks

P.s. if want/needed i recently released a few ports on AROS so i could do some help.

playing this on MorphOS and getting a couple of issues…

1. Trying to save at the save points crashes the game with a std::bad_alloc error

2. I’ve tried three controllers, all compatible with MOS, and none of them work in-game 

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Any way I can run this on an Android-based Amiga emulator? I'd love to play this on my Retroid Pocket 3+.

Shot in the dark, but would it run on the PlayStation Classic modded with Project Eris via AmiBerry or perhaps through Retroarch?

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Probably not. Amiberry is usually WB3.1 emulation or WB3.9 under AROS Rom, but x86 architecture. It won’t even work on Amikit for similar reasons.

If you’re emulating who cares anyway? It’s not a real Amiga, so play it on a PC via Steam and just pretend it’s your emulated Amiga. ;)

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I was asking since I'm whipping up a Project Eris build for my nieces and nephews and if it'd run on a PSC via Amiberry I'd consider adding it.

I see. but yeah, still no unfortunately. It seems it's a very specific NG port, which really is a bummer, because again, if it's an emulated Amiga, who cares about the 'port' when you can play it on a PC/Mac which is what's underlying the AmigaNG's anyway.

To me, an Amiga port would be on an Amiga, under WB3.1 or > with KS 3.1 or >, accelerated of course and maybe even Vampire compatibility, which BTW WOULD allow you to most likely run it in Amiberry, but the AROS rom is not 100%, so hit or miss. However, Amiberry would work with 3.1 Kicks, so there's that. But alas, just talk.

I mean, even the Sonic port for the 64 was an actual port that will run on a REAL Commodore 64 (w/REU, but hey). VICE totally optional. To me, THAT's a port. 

Besides, with what's available through Eris, you're nieces and nephew will have plenty to keep them busy.

Me, I just spent $12 on this before remembering why I didn't buy it in 2018. I totally forgot what this actually was. But oh well, maybe it will be updated.

Good luck with your Eris Project.

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I too would love to see this game for either os3 or aros (apollo)...Would happily buy it if it were ported. Especially on vampire 4 it should be very doable. I'll Keep my fingers crossed :)

yea, just bought this without reading compatibility. Tried running it on my Icedrake running TRIO using ApolloOS and no dice!

It all came back to me why I didn’t buy this back in 2018. I didn’t bother trying 3.2 or 3.9 because I already know that outcome.

Well, it was only $12 and I supported an Amiga Dev. Fingers crossed too for an update!

A Amiga OS 3.x Version would be grea. Even if It would need a RTG Card or a Vampire.

Yeah, I would like that too!

Does the game have online coop on Morphos?

I've been following Tower 57 on and love the game!

I was able to play with Wine in PlayOnLinux and co-op with an Xbox controller.  Online co-op didn't work, I created a lobby but my other computer couldn't connect.

Is there still going to be a Linux version?

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witch game engine you use to creat it 

This seems to "turn down" my sound on MorphOS (can barely hear anything ... so faint) until I restart ... but according to the system the volums is still full :( ...

Also new version seems to still have the flickering issues... but this seems to be solved by simply making the game run windowed

Please fix the audio,

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Sound issue: it's a MorphOS bug, apparently related to its WBRun. Workaround: don't run the game via "launcher" icon (which is nothing but a script that ultimately does a WBRun on one of the real executables) but use the respective _MOS icon directly.

Flickering: again, apparently a MorphOS bug on your system. The game uses TinyGL for rendering on MOS. This includes screen and double/triplebuffer setups. So if anything flickers, then the culprit is there inside TGL.

Also, check out readme and relnotes, if you have further questions.

cannot  start the  game

i can't even open the launch.....

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This is the Amiga version, looks like you are on windows..

Email sent

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Lovely game and fantastic to see this on the NG Amiga platform(s)!

Running perfectly fine on my MorphOS 3.10 machine but cannot get it to work with any of my gamepads; "Logitech Dual Action" and (PS4) "Wireless Controller" - any hints on how to configure the game accordingly? Both controllers show up in Prefs, but the game does not react to any input from neither of those gamepads. 

I've tried to specify both [Logitech Dual Action] and [Wireless Controller]  in controllers_mos.ini (i.e. the names that they show up with in Prefs), but to no avail.

Works fine with keyboard and mouse though =)

Best regards, Linus

Hey Linus,

glad you like the game, sorry you are having issues with your gamepads though... As I just replied below to Trekiej, could you also get in touch with me via email (benitosub at


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Will there be a Win-uae version for OS4.1FE Classic?

When I ran it, it had blank screen and some sound.

edit: This is on OS4.1FE Classic on Amiga Forever 7.

Hey Trekiej,

sorry for the super late reply, somehow I did not get a notification that a new comment was posted :( I will get in touch with Daniel and check back with you, do you think you could email at benitosub at


Hello. I understand that there is an update for the game locking up when the player tries to Continue in the menu.

Where can I get updates.

Hey Trekiej,

I wasn't aware of this particular issue (the previous updates addressed a flickering issue in some specific screen-modes and another issue specific to the AROS version).

Could you contact me by email (benitosub at with your configuration, OS, and a description of the problem? I will forward it to Daniel and hopefully we can get it fixed ASAP so you can enjoy the experience you paid for!

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Great game, only made possible by a massive effort from Daniel! There is absolutely no way pixwerk could have pulled this off without him. Congratulations to all.

Yes Daniel did an amazing job and this version would definitely not exist without him!

This wouldn't run in FS-UAE, right?

Sadly not :(

What framework is the linux version based on? XNA? Unity?

In case it's not obvious, I'm trying to gauge if this indie gem will be able to run on OpenBSD one day... You might be interested with your penchant for obscure operating systems :D

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Hey thfr,

well the original PC / Mac version is written in c++ around SDL 2 which conveniently has a Linux port, so that's mainly what I'm basing the Linux version around. Last I heard SDL 2's OpenBSD support was pretty broken, but that was a couple of years ago.

Soooo... maybe ^_^#?

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We're at the cutting edge on soon-to-be-released Open BSD 6.3 with SDL2.0.8. I'm the new maintainer of that port.

The only function that's not working is SDL_GetBasePath. Seems to be used rarely and usually can be worked around.

OpenBSD's API/ABI and the libs are updated regularly, so bundled libs usually don't work (short lifetime until they would need recompiling/relinking).

 If Tower 57 is written in c++/SDL2, the best (only?) chance for us OpenBSD folks would be an open-source version of the game engine (assets an still be sold). We have a few examples, like Tales of Maj'Eyal (in ports) or Eldritch (port in development)... I know that's probably not the right thing at the moment - maybe keep it in the back of your head...

It does, when I tried it ran on FS-UAE but was way too slow. *BUT*:
it runs in latest WinUAE 3.6.1 (earlier versions had broken sound here) under AmigaOS4. Right now fullscreen-mode doesn't work (at least not with the std. PicassoIV emu, I will change that soon though), but window-mode works flawlessly.
In fact, when running the game inside that WinUAE in a 480x270 window, then it runs almost as fast as the native official PC Steam version on my same PC (i7 4790K), which should give you a nice hint by how much I accelerated the original code...

I'd like to try this in FS-UAE (there's no WinUAE on my OS of choice). Is there an AmigaOS4 kickstart, or should I just get the 3.x?

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It won't run playable in FS-UAE, only WinUAE 3.6.1 so far.
An A4000 3.1 40.68 Kickstart is good. But as being said: forget it with FS-UAE.

But why not use Wine? Dunno if their PC version works, but:

While I developed the Amiga version and completely minced the original code I also created a Win32 "waste product" en passant.
It's practically identical to the Amiga version (e.g. software rendering, OpenAL for sound, all fixes and optimizations I made) and uses the techniques I also used for other games I wrote before - which all work flawlessly via Wine.

Besides that: that Win32 build runs circles around the official PC version performance-wise (~ 850 to more than 1000 fps on my Windows machine, or even better: more than 300 fps on my i5 notebook in situations where the official Steam version drops to 15 fps on that machine... ). Only drawback: like the Amiga versions it's based on version 19.44 of the game.

Who knows, maybe Pixwerk donate me enough to get it :D

Well, maybe use case is unusual in that I'd like to explore if it can run on OpenBSD, and there's no wine on OpenBSD (and based on prior discussions/efforts never will be), but there's fs-uae. I understand it likely won't be playable based on your description. Would try it anyway just to see - maybe one day computers and/or FS-UAE get faster.

We are essentially limited to open-source games, whatever can run in an emulator, and (lately) FNA games. Tower 57 would be an interesting entry if one day it actually runs okay inside FS-UAE.

bought and tried it, runs quick on my 1,25ghz morphos machine. Awesome!


Awesome! I have to say meeting Daniel was a real blessing, he's done an amazing job ^_^#

Bought! Thanks for the best amiga game since 1995! Would love to have some collectible edition on my  shelf - with t-shirt, poster and bottle with Diesel oil in it :-)


Thank you so much for buying it! There will be a boxed edition later on (it was one of our Kickstarter reward tiers), hopefully we will eventually be able to offer it to everyone (the Diesel bottle is a great idea by the way, never would've thought of that)

Awesome! This game looks simply marvelous! I bought it and I hope I can play it this weekend on MorphOS! :)

Thank you for buying it! Fingers crossed that you will like it :)

Wow! F***ing WOW! I've extracted the archive now on my Mac Mini MorphOS system and tried it. I have no words which describe my feelings about it! Even "awesome" is too bad to describe it. I LOVE IT! Please believe me: I haven't played a game like this for many, many years! Thank you so much for this fantastic work! :) Greetings from Oldenburg in Lower Saxony in Germany! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! The reaction has been nothing short of amazing, I can't explain how uplifting it is to read comments like these. I don't think I can even make another game without having an Amiga version ^_^#

Great news! I will buy MorphOS version tomorrow (I am waiting for cash transfer to PayPal). Thank you for support of AmigaOS4/MorphOS/AROS.


Thank you for buying it! If I'm somehow able to carry on as an indie dev I would love to bring more games to the system(s) ^_^#

Playing it under MorphOS, lovely game!

Glad you like it!

it's just digital or there will be a physical edition?

Right now it's just digital, but we do have a boxed version planned as a reward for some of our Kickstarter backers.

ok thanks for reply,
in the meantime I bought the digital version.
If there is possibility, I would like to buy the boxed edition, unfortunately I lost the kickstarter's campaign   ;-(

Well done for supporting Amiga OS4 and to Daniel for the port 

Thanks! Even though Daniel gets 100% credit for the Amiga version, it's still a dream come true for 10-year-old me :)


Thanks! It's certainly been a wild ride.